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Find available activations

How do I open the Find Available Activations page?

Click Manage Activations > Find Available Activations.

Use the Find Available Activations page to view paths to available activations and to view the directory path to each activation server. If an activation is not usable it is marked with a red exclamation mark icon in the left column. To display the explanation, hover the cursor over the icon. Possible reasons that an activation is not usable are the activation expired or did not reach its start date.

The Path to Activations list includes all local and all network server locations that were selected to provide activations to this computer. The list is based on the activation search path locations added and selected using the Update Activation Search Path dialog.

The Available Activations table lists all available activations. The activations can exist on the local computer or on a remote computer running FactoryTalk Activation Manager.


Node-locked activations and local-only activations on a remote or server computer do not appear in the list of available activations on a client computer. To make these activation types available on a client computer, rehost the node-locked or local-only activations on the server computer and either replace them with concurrent versions or download node-locked or local-only activations to the client computer.

The listed activations include:

  • The products and activations purchased for each product, and the number of activations used for each product.
  • The types of available activations.
  • The local computer or remote computer running the FactoryTalk Activation Manager software.

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