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Rehost Activations page

How do I open the Rehost Activations page?

Click Manage Activations > Rehost Activations.

Rehost activations for unexpected or infrequent events, such as a computer upgrade, system failure, or changes to the system.

Use the Rehost Activations page to remove an activation from its current host computer to move it to a different computer. Rehosting is not intended for moving activations frequently.

For concurrent activations with a quantity greater than 1, there is the option to select a quantity less than the total activations. This leaves a quantity of the activations on the local computer while allowing the rest of the activations to become available for download to other computers. By default, all activations are removed from the local computer.

If moving the activation between computers that have an internet connection, use FactoryTalk Activation Manager to automatically rehost an activation. The rehost code is automatically created and sent to the Rockwell Automation Licensing website.

If moving the activation from a computer that is not connected to the internet, to complete the process, use another Internet-connected computer to connect to the Rockwell Automation Licensing website.

If rehosting with no computers connected to the internet, contact Rockwell Automation Technical Support to perform the rehosting process.

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