Move activation to another computer

Use the Rehost Activations tab on the FactoryTalk Activation Tool to disable an activation file and prepare it to be reactivated for another computer or dongle.

Caution! Call Rockwell Technical Support before attempting to move and reactivate an activation file on another computer. Because the reactivation process deletes activation files from the local computer, run this process from the physical computer where the activation files reside.

Follow the reactivation process to move an existing activation file:

For example, suppose you bought four shared network activations for RSView Supervisory Edition and installed them on an activation server computer. Later, the activation server's network card fails, and you replace it. The new network card has a different Ethernet address, so your software products will no longer activate until the activation files are associated with the new Host ID.

The first step is to call Rockwell Technical Support. Next, click the ReHost Activations tab on the FactoryTalk Activation Tool to reset all four activations on the server computer. When you do this, FactoryTalk Activation deletes the activations associated with the old Host ID and generates a rehost code. Rockwell Technical Support staff uses the rehost code to reset your activations in the customer database. Once your activations are reset, use the Get Activations tab to identify the new Host ID and download new activation files from the Activation website. Be sure to restart the activation service on the activation server computer after deleting and adding activation files.

 To move activation to another computer or dongle:

  1. Call Rockwell Technical support.

  2. From the computer where the activation files reside, run the FactoryTalk Activation Tool from the Windows Start menu: Start > Programs > Rockwell Software > FactoryTalk Activation > FactoryTalk Activation Tool.

  3. Click the Rehost Activations tab.

  4. From the list of available activations, click the row containing the serial number associated with the activation file you want to deactivate and reuse.

  5. Click the Rehost button.

  6. Review the information presented in the Confirm Activation Rehost dialog. Click Continue. (To cancel, click the Cancel button.)

The Confirm Activation Rehost dialog lists all of the activations associated with the selected serial number. If you continue, all of the activations listed will be deleted from the local computer. Rockwell Technical Support staff can then reset these activations so that you can link them with a different computer or dongle.

  1. Important! Write down or print the rehost code and Host ID presented in the message box that opens. To continue, click OK.

  2. If you are deactivating activations on a server computer, restart the activation service.

If you are deactivating local activations on a stand-alone computer or for a dongle, restarting is not necessary. Go on to step 9.

  1. Read the rehost code, presented in step 7, to the Rockwell Technical Support person.

The support person confirms the rehost code, generates a new activation file, and resets your account in the customer database.

  1. Click the Get Activations tab, and then click the Connect to Rockwell Software Activation Website button. Follow the appropriate steps to download a new activation file tied to the new Host ID you want to use. For details, click any Help button on the FactoryTalk Activation Tool.

Tip: if you add activations to an activation server computer, be sure to restart the activation service when you finish.

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